Our Doctors - Catalina Eye Care
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Our Doctors

Meet Our Eye Specialists

Lynn Polonski, MD Eye Surgeon

Dr. Lynn Polonski is a Board Diplomate of Ophthalmology and specializes in cataracts, premium lens implants, pediatric cataracts, oculoplastics, orbital trauma and lid and lacrimal disorders.

Leslie Weintraub, OD Medical Optometrist

Dr. Leslie Weintraub specializes in general optometry, diabetic eye exams, specialty contact lenses, pre-operative and post-operative cataract surgery care, and glaucoma management and treatment.

Ovette Villavicencio, MD PHD Eye Surgeon

Dr. Ovette Villavicencio specializes in cataract surgery, corneal collagen Cross-LinkingĀ for Keratoconus, corneal transplantation, and LASIK refractive surgery and is trained in all disciplines of comprehensive ophthalmology.